CCCT Summer Camps

Welcome to CCCT’s Summer Camps! This year we are doing things a bit differently. Each camp will have a “focus” on multiple theater styles and creative mediums. Before booking your spot, take a look at the description below each picture! 

All Camps: Each week-long camp is Monday through Friday, 8:30am–4:00pm. The cost of each camp is $250. Children will bring their own sack lunch each day. During camp, students build acting skills, sing, dance, and build a show from the ground up. On Friday, they have two performances for family and friends (2 tickets per student). Camper ages vary according to the camp focus. All ages, themes, and dates are shown below. Professional teachers, junior counselors, and the camp directors will be with the campers every day. Teachers are trained and certified and professionals in the theatre community.

Click on the link below to register for this year’s Summer Camps!

The Great Chino Bake Off

Ready, set, BAKE! Join us in the tent for a week-long musical theater experience! This week will provide campers with a three-layered cake baked to perfection. First layer: DANCE! Jazz, ballet, maybe even hip-hop! Second layer: VOCALS! This frosting will coat those chords with technique and style! Third Layer: ACTING! That’s right we still have a show to do folks, so grab those aprons and flour that counter top, it’s time to BAKE!

AGES: 6-14

DATES: June 19-23


  • Musical Theater Dance, Voice and Acting
  • Ensemble Technique
  • Creative Expression Workshop  (Student Choreography) 
  • Special “BYOB” Bring Your Own Bake Day. Campers will bring a special treat for themselves and we will watch The Great British Bake Off KIDS Edition

Book Ends

Hello reader, it’s me, the author. Have you ever imagined a world where you could open a book and jump in? Well, now’s your chance! Join us this week and discover what it takes to be just like me…what will you write? What worlds will you create? Who will be your hero and who will be your villain? During our adventure we will head to the “Cavern of Pages” and discover our own storyteller within.

AGES: 6-14

DATES: June 26-30


  • Script Writing
  • Narrative Storytelling
  • Character Research and Development 
  • Field Trip (Walking across the street) SBC- CHINO Branch Library

Mystery at the 7th Street Theatre

“So you kids wanna help me on another case? Good.” Detective T. Booth

Help the Internationally renowned investigation team, The Spotlight Detectives, find the whereabouts of the Seventh Street Theater stage manager! DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN! It’s a “Whodunnit,” and they’re guilty of 8 counts of acting flawlessly using Uta Hagen, Meisner, and Stanislavsky methods, 6 counts of character mood study and 4 counts of comedic execution! Good luck finding them, rookie.

AGES: 6-14

DATES: July 10-14


  • Acting & Acting Methods
  • Stylized Technique
  • Character Research and Development 
  • Audience Work
  • GAME DAY! 

Theatre with the Olympians

Zeus has commanded that Dionysus put on a show for the God’s and they’ve picked the best theater in SoCal! Come one and all to our Festival for the Olympians! Using ancient Greek theater technique and art forms to tell our story, we will spend the week writing, dancing, singing and designing the most glorious masks! 

AGES: 6-14

DATES: July 24-28


  • Acting 
  • Ancient Acting Methods
  • Art and Design
  • Theater History
  • A Day with the Gods

So You Think You Can Crew

Lights, go. Sound, go. Cue 23, go! Calling all techies to join us for the second season of “So You Think You Can Crew!” You’ll experience professional level workshops, and focused training in lights, sound and design. This year you’ll spend the week working alongside our Teen Broadway Intensive cast to put on High School Musical: The One Act Edition. It’s showtime, we don’t think…we know you can crew!

AGES: 12-16

DATES: July 17-21


  • Technical Theater
  • Career Pathway Trainings
  • Lights, Sound & Design
  • Stage Management 
  • End of Week Show: High School Musical 

Broadway Intensive: Disney’s High School Musical

Bop bop bop to the top in this week of intense and professional grade training! With focuses in Musical Theater Dance, Vocals and Acting, participants will work all week long to put on this summer’s wildest show, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: THE ONE ACT EDITION! Wildcats will break the status quo with special guest artists and soar their way to success! 

Participants will be required to send in headshots, and self tapes. Please prepare a 16-32 bar song in the style of the show and film your dance tape following the Dance Instruction video that will be provided after registration payment is processed. Once you have submitted payment you will receive an “Audition Google Form” as well as a general information form, please fill out both and submit. 

ALL participating campers will be cast–but please be aware this camp only has 25 spots! It will fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long!

AGES: 15-22

DATES: July 17-21


  • Advanced Training in Dance, Voice & Acting
  • Career Pathway Trainings
  • Character Study and Collaborative Experiences
  • Special Guest Workshops
  • Performance Piece: High School Musical

Meet The Camp Instructors:

MARLEE LANE (Camp Director and Instructor)

Marlee Lane is a theatre major at California State University Northridge studying to become a theatre artist. She has been at the Chino Community Children’s Theatre and the Chino Community Theatre for 7 years, working as a stage manager, sound board operator, spotlight tech, prop designer, director, and scenic designer. She has also been a prop artisan, dresser, and assistant scenic designer through CSUN’s theatre program. Marlee has developed her love for theatre here at the Seventh Street Theatre and hopes to pass that along to the next generation of kids looking for an amazing artistic outlet in their own community. 

ALLISON SANO (Camp Director and Instructor)

Allison Sano is a dedicated Artist, Filmmaker and Arts Educator. She has been performing for over 20 years and has committed her adult life to creating art and building young creatives, around Los Angeles CA and in her hometown of Chino, CA. She has worked with multiple non- profits and artists including Wayne Brady, Christopher Jackson, and The LA Philharmonic to ensure that all children have access to quality education and the right to create. Her role here at CCCT has been the most impactful experience of her career and she’s proud of all the students who have participated in camps over the last 10 years.

SARAH HOOGENRAAD (Camp Instructor)

Sarah Hoogenraad is so excited to be back after spending the last two years performing in China as an opening cast member at Universal Studios Beijing. She has a BFA in Acting from Hofstra University, and works as a performer based in NYC. She grew up at CCCT, and has spent many seasons of her life both performing and educating at this wonderful establishment. She is so excited to spend the summer celebrating theatre and empowering young people with the tools to follow their passions.

LUKE SCHAUMANN (Camp Instructor)

Luke Schaumann is 18 years old and currently a sophomore in college. During his studies he had taken multiple theatre and voice classes. Luke has been at the theatre since he was nine years old and participated in summer camps last year as a junior counselor. He is super excited to be promoted to this year’s music counselor. He loves working with children and hopes to use this experience to become a teacher in the future. He looks forward to seeing all of you this summer and can’t wait for the memories to come.

Camp Bravo Information

Camp Bravo is a renowned local theatre camp for teens, and each year CCCT offers at least one full or partial scholarship for our CCCT performers. Interested? Complete the application and project here:

Applications are due by March 31.